Source code editor that supports multiple coding languages


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  • Category Development editors
  • Program license Free
  • Version 8.1.9
  • Size 4.12 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Don HO

Notepad ++, also known as Notepad Plus, is an alternative to WordPad and other types of software that let you record notes on your computer.

WordPad comes standard on most computers sold today but that software has some limitations. While it lets you insert images, add links, and save your work in a format for sharing, it doesn't show you how many pages you wrote and lacks any grammar or spelling tools. WordPad and other document editing programs are best for those who want to write down longer lists and keep track of more content. When you want something simple that will let you jot down programming notes, Notepad Plus is a better alternative.

Designed for programmers, this simple little program lets you keep multiple tabs open and shows you meta details about the content you view or write. Opening multiple tabs is handy when working on an upcoming project. You can switch back and forth between those tabs with a click or swipe of your mouse, and you can save the changes you make in each tab before opening a new one. As it has an unattractive design and a complicated user interface, this program is better for home programmers and professional computer scientists than those who want to keep track of basic notes.

That user interface comes with multiple drop down menus that let you make changes to your work, but many users may find those tabs confusing. When you click on any button at the top of the screen, it shows you multiple options and may block some of the meta details you need to see. There is also a risk that you might use those drop down menus to make changes to the wrong tab because the content sits on top of the tab names.

The program also puts too many tools together in the same group. While experts can easily find the tools they need, beginners may have a hard time using the program. It does come with multiple language settings that let you change the information you see based on the language you speak. You can also customize the program to look the way you want it to look and change the location or placement of some features. Notepad Plus offers some great benefits for advanced users and computer programmers, but it's a little too advanced for most users.


  • Customizable features let you change the layout of the page
  • Lets you open and view content on multiple tabs
  • Works with multiple languages
  • Lots of features for computer programmers and advanced users
  • Lets you add new features and info of your own


  • Too advanced for new users
  • Has an unattractive user interface
  • Drop down menus often block the names of your open tabs
  • Most will only use a portion of its many features
  • Takes too much time to learn how to use many of its features
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